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How to Keep Your Dog Safe for Halloween

Chihuahua in DragIt’s that time of year again. Halloween. The night when kids of all ages come a knocking at my door to disturb my dinner and play time, begging for candy.

I know a lot about begging, but candy is not good for me (or children either). Keep that chocolate far away from my mouth, I say.

Keep your little doggies safe from chocolates and other bad treats. Also watch that they don’t get “spooked” and run out of your house. There’ll be a lot of strange creatures out there and your doggie can easily get lost.

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All You Need to Know About Getting a New Puppy

Chihuahua puppyPuppies are so cute and cuddly. But, like children, they need lots of discipline and training.

I was born a princess. Still my daddies insisted I go to PetSmart for a bit of training. I showed them by not listening. I did my own thing and still graduated. Must be my cute Chihuahua smile.

Here’s some highly informative articles on finding and training your little puppy. I found them myself so you don’t have to search for hours.

Feeding Your Pup For the First Few Days Home

House Training Schedules for Puppies

What to Expect in the First Year After you Adopt a Puppy

Picking the Right Dog Breed For You

How Many Dogs Are Too Many?

How Smart is Your Puppy?

Creating a Social “Friendly” Dog

Why Puppies Bite and How to Stop It

Beware of Your Doggie’s Kisses!

Kissy Chihuahuas

I like to think that my mouth is clean and fresh. I’m a Chihuahua. It’s true.

But other human types may disagree. While I love kissing, I may have put my mouth on something a bit icky or in places not known to be clean.

So while your doggie may love you and enjoy kissing you, perhaps you should wash up after those kisses. Just don’t let your doggie catch you doing it.

Check out these fun articles I curated just for you.

FACT or FICTION: Is a dog’s mouth cleaner than a human’s?

Zoonotic Diseases in Dogs

Coprophagia (Eating Feces Behavior) in Dogs

Halitosis (Bad Breath) in Dogs

All You Need to Know About Tail Wagging

Chihuahua Tail WaggerAll doggies wag their tails. Sometimes it means we’re happy. Other times angry. Or alert. Or on the attack. Maybe we’re just being playful.

Why does your little doggie wag it’s tail? It’s a way of communicating. I know because I’m a Chihuahua with a little tail that works hard. You can find out everything you ever wanted to know about the fine art of tail wagging by reading the following tales from PetPlace.

Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?

Structure and Function of the Tail in Dogs

Tail Docking in Dogs

Don’t Harm Your Pet With These Toxic Foods

Chihuahua DrinkingDogs, especially Chihuahuas, can be harmed by eating certain foods, like raisins, grapes, chocolate, onions and much more.

You don’t want your little baby to get sick so I have gathered a bunch of articles with loads of info on what not to feed your dog.

Always feed your dog quality dog food, not people food.

Grape and Raisin Toxicosis in Dogs

The Dangers of Bones to Dogs

The Dangers of Picnics and Parties to Dogs

Dangerous Foods: Are They Harmful to Your Dog?

And if your dog does get sick, check out…

Acute Pancreatitis in Dogs

Is Your Chihuahua Stressed? Try Rescue Remedy.

IMG_0897Chihuahuas are little creatures and we can get stressed out by the big people that surround us. Even little children can cause us anxiety. There’s yelling, screaming, running, jumping, throwing. Gosh, it’s a wonder we survive from nap to nap.

Like some little dogs, I am prone to seizures. My vet said it’s my brain mis-firing with information overload. Other causes have been ruled out via a blood test.

So every month or two I stiffen up and check out for a minute or so. My daddies are very concerned about me. Dr. Vet recommended adding 4- 6 drops of Rescue Remedy daily to my water dish to help calm me down. It seems to be working because my seizures are less frequent and shorter than they used to be.

If you have this problem see your vet and ask about Rescue Remedy. It just might help!

7 Incredible Dog Articles

chi pupI’m always scanning the internets to find the perfect articles to share with all my friends and followers. These are articles dealing with all kinds of doggies and their needs. And after all, a doggie’s needs are the most important things in the world. Without us little doggies where would you people be?

I’m sure you will enjoy reading the following:

Who Deserves A Pet?

Should You Supplement Your Dog’s Diet?

Can Dogs Get Head Lice from Humans?

Why Do Dogs Snore?

Seasonal Allergies and Your Pet

Antibiotics: 5 Things Dog Owners Should Know

Anxiety in Dogs: Is It Over-Diagnosed?

3 Doggie Articles You Can’t Miss!

cutie pie

Life is a breeze if you’re a little doggie like me. All I have to do is lay around and look cute. Of course sometimes I do have to work at getting enough treats to satisfy me. Sure, I’m a little bit overweight, but if there’s a rumbly in my tummy, I need to feed it.

Here are some more exciting and helpful dog articles for you to read to your special doggie. Enjoy!

The Irreverent Vet Speaks Out on Medication Errors

Prevent Accidental Pet Poisoning

10 Important Topics to Discuss Before Getting a Dog

7 Dog Articles You’ll Love

Chihuahua Cutie

Taking care of your little Chihuahua is of vital importance. I’m a Chi of a certain age (8) and I need constant attention.

Here are some articles on taking care of your doggie I know you’ll love. While Chihuahuas are great, these articles relate to all dog breeds. I do not discriminate. Enjoy.


How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

What Is Dental Tartar… And How Do I Prevent It In Dogs?

Grape and Raisin Toxicosis in Dogs

Laundry or Dishwasher Detergent Pod Toxicity in Dogs

Eight Home Remedies for DIY (Do It Yourself) Dog Care

Dog Anesthesia Myths – What’s Fact and What’s Fiction

Does Your Dog Need More Exercise?

Eye Injuries in Your Chihuahua

Chihuahua eyes

This is not me, but still a cute Chihuahua.

I had an owie in my eye. Still do, actually. As a little Chihuahua that’s not good. Somehow I scratched it. I had a hard time keeping it open.

Eye injuries in dogs is not to be ignored. We could lose our eyesight. A scary trip to the “vet” showed a scratch that needed salve. It’s always best not to let these things go untreated. I could have lost the sight in my eye.

Of course I let the doc put the salve in my eye. But at home I fought my daddies. I refused treatment. Yet still they persisted and now my eye is getting better.

Check this article out for further info:

Eye Injuries in Dogs