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Bestselling Chihuahua Books

If you have a Chihuahua, are looking to adopt a Chihuahua or are a Chihuahua, you will find this list of best selling Chihuahua books a necessity. My daddy read many of these books before adopting me and now, eight years later, he is almost an expert. I say almost because I keep him on his toes.

The books listed below are from Amazon. Daddy’s favorite is The Everything Chihuahua Book. It’s very informative and easy to read.

Did you know when you buy anything from Amazon by clicking on any of the Amazon links on my website (within a 24 hour period) I get a little commission? It helps support this website and costs you nothing extra. Just saying.

7 Helpful Articles for Dog Lovers

Keep your Chihuahua safeDogs make wonderful companions. You want to keep them safe and happy. Here’s seven great articles that will help you to make their lives better.

How to Plant a Dog-safe Garden

6 Deadly Poisons That Could Kill Your Dog

Top 20 Human Food that Poison Dogs in the U.S.

Dyspnea (Trouble Breathing) in Dogs

5 Surprising Spring Pet Hazards

The Power of Dogs: How Your Dog Can Change Your Life

Catching Your Dog’s Noise and Storm Phobia Early

All You Need to Know About Tail Wagging

Chihuahua Tail WaggerAll doggies wag their tails. Sometimes it means we’re happy. Other times angry. Or alert. Or on the attack. Maybe we’re just being playful.

Why does your little doggie wag it’s tail? It’s a way of communicating. I know because I’m a Chihuahua with a little tail that works hard. You can find out everything you ever wanted to know about the fine art of tail wagging by reading the following tales from PetPlace.

Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?

Structure and Function of the Tail in Dogs

Tail Docking in Dogs

Does Your Dog Have a Butt Problem?

Chihuahua Bathtime

Keep your Chihuahua clean to help prevent random sniffing… maybe.

Dogs are known to sniff, lick and peruse other dog butts. It’s a hobby. What can I say.

I personally do not take part in this activity. After all, I am a lady. Besides, I can’t stand other dogs, for the most part. Why would I want to sniff any part of them.

If you find this topic of interest, thought, you can check out these fascinating articles:

Why Do Dogs Smell Other Dogs’ Butts? The Real Answer!

Why Do Dogs Smell Crotches and Butts?

How Can I Stop a Dog from Crotch Sniffing

Are Vaccines Safe for Your Dog?

This is quite the controversial question. I don’t interact with too many dogs so I don’t get all the vaccines.

Here’s some really good articles on Vaccines from PetPlace…

The Irreverent Vet Speaks out on “What Vaccines Does Your Dog Really Need?”

Solution to the Vaccine Controversy – Canine Vaccine Titer Testing

The Vaccine Volume Debate: Does Your Dog’s Size Matter?

Adverse Vaccine Reactions in Dogs

dog vaccinations

Warning: This is not a Chihuahua…

Don’t Harm Your Pet With These Toxic Foods

Chihuahua DrinkingDogs, especially Chihuahuas, can be harmed by eating certain foods, like raisins, grapes, chocolate, onions and much more.

You don’t want your little baby to get sick so I have gathered a bunch of articles with loads of info on what not to feed your dog.

Always feed your dog quality dog food, not people food.

Grape and Raisin Toxicosis in Dogs

The Dangers of Bones to Dogs

The Dangers of Picnics and Parties to Dogs

Dangerous Foods: Are They Harmful to Your Dog?

And if your dog does get sick, check out…

Acute Pancreatitis in Dogs

Kill Fleas Now! Three Quick Solutions.

Kill fleas with a bathIs your little Chihuahua overrun with fleas? I hate having fleas crawling all over me. I have a short white coat so you can see those little buggers hopping and crawling.

My daddies hate fleas too. Who needs them? I don’t. They’re yucky and annoying. Here’s what my daddy uses to help me cope.

1. Flea Comb with tape. Once your flea comb captures some fleas, have some magic tape handy to snuff them out. Not pretty but very effective. Just comb and tape, comb and tape. Then fold the tape over and toss in the trash. Easy.

2. Flea medicine. Daddy uses NexGard. You’re supposed to use it monthly but daddy is not always on top of that. It’s a chewable tablet, beef flavored. Daddy tries to hide it in my food but I always find it and spit it out. Then daddy cuts it up and squishes it in some chicken. Works every time. And no fleas.

3. Bath. Every few months a get a 5 minute bath. I’m small and my hair is short so why linger. I don’t care for bubbles.

Check out this helpful link:

Flea Allergy Dermatitis in Dogs

Is Your Chihuahua Stressed? Try Rescue Remedy.

IMG_0897Chihuahuas are little creatures and we can get stressed out by the big people that surround us. Even little children can cause us anxiety. There’s yelling, screaming, running, jumping, throwing. Gosh, it’s a wonder we survive from nap to nap.

Like some little dogs, I am prone to seizures. My vet said it’s my brain mis-firing with information overload. Other causes have been ruled out via a blood test.

So every month or two I stiffen up and check out for a minute or so. My daddies are very concerned about me. Dr. Vet recommended adding 4- 6 drops of Rescue Remedy daily to my water dish to help calm me down. It seems to be working because my seizures are less frequent and shorter than they used to be.

If you have this problem see your vet and ask about Rescue Remedy. It just might help!

Summer Traveling with Your Chihuahua

0bdd3d19218a7d56b0343c9546656386Summer time is a fun time for many people who like to travel. The weather is warm and kids are off from school. Why not take your little Chi on a fun trip.

I enjoy traveling, as long as I get many stops along the way so I can relieve myself, exercise, drink some water and eat a snack or two.

My daddies have me securely fastened to the back seat so I don’t go flying should the car come to a sudden stop.

Car Restraints for Your Chihuahua

Never, ever leave your Chihuahua or any other animal or child alone in your vehicle. The temperature rises exponentially (very high) and you can seriously kill your loved one(s). Don’t even think about it!

7 Dog Articles You’ll Love

Chihuahua Cutie

Taking care of your little Chihuahua is of vital importance. I’m a Chi of a certain age (8) and I need constant attention.

Here are some articles on taking care of your doggie I know you’ll love. While Chihuahuas are great, these articles relate to all dog breeds. I do not discriminate. Enjoy.


How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

What Is Dental Tartar… And How Do I Prevent It In Dogs?

Grape and Raisin Toxicosis in Dogs

Laundry or Dishwasher Detergent Pod Toxicity in Dogs

Eight Home Remedies for DIY (Do It Yourself) Dog Care

Dog Anesthesia Myths – What’s Fact and What’s Fiction

Does Your Dog Need More Exercise?