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Is Your Chihuahua Too Fat?

Chubby Chi

Oh my goodness. I said the “Fat” word. I myself am a girl of a certain size, but I think my pink belly is cute.

Unfortunately my daddies think I need to lose a pound or two as does the vet. I only weigh 11 pounds or so which is a tad much for a Chihuahua.

Dog obesity is a real problem that affects 25 – 40 percent of dogs. That’s a lot of extra poundage.

Obesity can result in joint injuries, tracheal issues, heart disease and bronchitis, all leading to a shorter life.

The Road to Obesity in Dogs

How did your little puppy grow up into a plus size doggie? Too much food, too many treats and not enough exercise.

A Simple Solution

Cut down on the amount of food you give your Chi. Also less treats and table scraps! Try a calorie calculator.

Limit treats to healthy tidbits. I love mini carrot sticks and crunchy lettuce.

Walk your dog several times a day. This is good for you too!

My daddy takes me on about 4 walks a day. Sometimes I refuse to budge. I call it my anchor trick. But because I’m a “little” Chihuahua my daddy picks me up and carries me far away (about a block) and expects me to walk home. I do not care for this trick. But I do want to get home to my nap.

You will find in time that a thinner Chi is a healthier Chi. I love my treats so please don’t eliminate them all.

How’s Your Doggie’s Mental Health?

Santa Chihuahua is coming soon.How does your dog think? I think all the time. I always want to know when my next meal will be, when I’m not napping.

Check out these carefully curated articles on your dog’s mental health. I think you will find them fascinating.

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Is Your Dog Suffering from Anxiety?

Our Stress, Depression, Joy…Can Dogs Tell?

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How to Keep Your Dog Safe for Halloween

Chihuahua in DragIt’s that time of year again. Halloween. The night when kids of all ages come a knocking at my door to disturb my dinner and play time, begging for candy.

I know a lot about begging, but candy is not good for me (or children either). Keep that chocolate far away from my mouth, I say.

Keep your little doggies safe from chocolates and other bad treats. Also watch that they don’t get “spooked” and run out of your house. There’ll be a lot of strange creatures out there and your doggie can easily get lost.

Great Costumes for Your Little Doggie on Amazon. Support Lucy.

Pumpkin and Dogs

Dog Halloween Safety

Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes for Your Dog

Kill Fleas Now! Three Quick Solutions.

Kill fleas with a bathIs your little Chihuahua overrun with fleas? I hate having fleas crawling all over me. I have a short white coat so you can see those little buggers hopping and crawling.

My daddies hate fleas too. Who needs them? I don’t. They’re yucky and annoying. Here’s what my daddy uses to help me cope.

1. Flea Comb with tape. Once your flea comb captures some fleas, have some magic tape handy to snuff them out. Not pretty but very effective. Just comb and tape, comb and tape. Then fold the tape over and toss in the trash. Easy.

2. Flea medicine. Daddy uses NexGard. You’re supposed to use it monthly but daddy is not always on top of that. It’s a chewable tablet, beef flavored. Daddy tries to hide it in my food but I always find it and spit it out. Then daddy cuts it up and squishes it in some chicken. Works every time. And no fleas.

3. Bath. Every few months a get a 5 minute bath. I’m small and my hair is short so why linger. I don’t care for bubbles.

Check out this helpful link:

Flea Allergy Dermatitis in Dogs

Summer Traveling with Your Chihuahua

0bdd3d19218a7d56b0343c9546656386Summer time is a fun time for many people who like to travel. The weather is warm and kids are off from school. Why not take your little Chi on a fun trip.

I enjoy traveling, as long as I get many stops along the way so I can relieve myself, exercise, drink some water and eat a snack or two.

My daddies have me securely fastened to the back seat so I don’t go flying should the car come to a sudden stop.

Car Restraints for Your Chihuahua

Never, ever leave your Chihuahua or any other animal or child alone in your vehicle. The temperature rises exponentially (very high) and you can seriously kill your loved one(s). Don’t even think about it!

Here’s an article you might enjoy. I paw selected them just for you, my loyal readers.

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Lucy Celebrates Her 6th Birthday!

Lucy's 6th Birthday

Contemplating my birthday.

Today is my sixth birthday. I’m in my prime. I choose to spend the day lounging in my day bed. And why not.

Last night I experienced another seizure. They come when I get overstimulated, I believe. Perhaps I should spend more time sleeping and less time partying!

I do not need cake or presents for my birthday. I would be very happy with meat snacks and other assorted treats. After all, I haven’t even begun to break in all my stuffed toys.

Sudden Loss of Appetite

IMG_0897I love to eat. Everything, every day. But sometimes I don’t feel so good. Today is one of those days. I just don’t feel like eating.

Instead, I’ve decided to stay in my bed and sleep. Maybe later I’ll get up and have lunch. My poor daddy is worried. I’m just sleepy.

There are many reasons for a loss of appetite. It could just be from having eating something I shouldn’t. If it lasts more than a day I might have to visit the vet. I doubt that will be the case.

A Visit to the Vet

Lucy at rest.I’m recovering from another visit to the vet. I weighed in at only a few ounces heavier than last time. Got my nails done, my anal glands squeezed and my rabies vaccine updated. Now I’m fresh and breezy.

No meds required for my seizures. They have not increased in intensity so it’s cool. Too bad I couldn’t get my brain software updated to handle the random misfirings. Maybe next time.

Lucy Update

lucy_xmas_2011I am alive and well and incredibly busy. My daddies have had two sets of foster boys who I’ve had to help monitor. And still do.

Plus I’m in the process of developing my own online Pet Supply store. You’ll love it and it’s coming real soon.

Check back often. News, tips and reviews will be back soon too.

6 Tips on Children and Chihuahuas

Children and Chihuahuas can get along!

Chihuahuas and Children

Image by Stuart Miles

Children are unpredictable and active. I should know, my daddies just got two temporary foster kids. Their ages are 4 and 6. I don’t know how long they’ll be staying.

At first I was hesitant. I knew little about children other than that they tend to come up to me in herds and squeal, sticking their hands in my face.

But these two guys are mostly well-behaved and easy to play with. They keep me company and sometimes throw the ball or toy for me.

I have to watch after them. They need as much supervision as my daddies.

Children Can Be Dangerous to a Chihuahua

You must teach your children how fragile a Chihuahua is. I also recommend you don’t leave them alone together. I have been grabbed and picked up by both the 4 and 6 year old boys. I admit I did growl a few times, just as a warning.

Here are a few important tips to look out for:

  1. Introduce your children to your Chi. Let the Chi get to know them.
  2. Don’t touch. Children can easily break your Chi’s legs.
  3. Don’t hold. Children can drop the Chi or hold them the wrong way.
  4. Don’t feed. Children don’t understand that certain foods, like grapes, raisins and chocolate, can kill your Chi. After a few mishaps, my daddies are very diligent about feeding the kids these forbidden foods around me.
  5. Don’t drop. Please don’t. We break.
  6. Don’t tease. We hate being teased and will let you know it.

I am probably the exception to the Chihuahua rules. Perhaps because I’m a bit “grande”. Still, a 10 pound dog is a delicate creature too.

That said, I love my new family of kids, even if they’re only temporary. I look forward to seeing them and playing with them. I also know when to keep out of the way.

When it comes to Chihuahuas and children, proceed with caution.

You may find the following articles helpful on dealing with children and Chihuahuas.

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