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Unlimited Love Chihuahua T-Shirt

Cool Creative Valentine’s Day Tee Shirt

Unlimited Chihuahua Love Tshirt

Funny, Cute, Chihuahua Dog Surrounded by Hearts. Perfect TShirt gift idea for Valentine’s Day!

This heart Valentine’s Day T-Shirt would make a great present for Chihuahua Dog lovers; women, men, grandparents, aunts, uncles, children.

Get this great original Chihuahua dog shirt designed for you or your girlfriend or your boyfriend, wife, lovers, so they can wear it on Valentine Day.

This cool novelty tee will be a staple in your closet for years to come. Created by my Daddy, this one of a kind, unique design illustration of a Chihuahua is surrounded by hearts and says Unlimited Love. That’s what we Chihuahuas give. Do not miss out on an amazing opportunity to own this shirt today! Makes the perfect gift for most holidays, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, graduation, parties, dog parties, and whenever else.

Click here to purchase on Amazon.

Funny Chihuahua Santa T-shirt

Behold the Santahuahua!

Santa Chihuahua Tshirt

Funny Christmas Gift, Chihuahua Santa Tee Shirts

Funny, Ugly Santa Chihuahua Shirt – Perfect Holiday T Shirt

You will love this amusing T-shirt at Chihuahua events, dog shows, Chi meetings, dog training, dog parks, with other Chihuahua gatherings and Xmas parties. Great Santa Clause tshirt stocking stuffer item for proud Chi mom, dad, children, dog lovers.

Original Santa dog cartoon. A great Christmas gift idea for all Chihuahua dog lovers, owners,  friends who dress their dogs as Santa, Perfect present for men, women, children, school kids. Unique piece of Chiwawa apparel, pajamas.

Do you dress your Chihuahua up as Santa? If you do then this Chihuahua T shirt is the right piece of apparel for you. This Chihuahua Tee is a great gift idea for a family member, partner or for a friend that owns and loves a Chihuahua. Behold the Santahuahua Shirt is going to make you smile each and every time you wear it! So, what are you waiting for? Grab this unique shirt and make your friends burst into laughter.

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I Speak Chihuahuaese T-shirt

Funny and Adorable Chihuahua Lovers Tee Shirt

Cute Chihuahua Tshirt

Click image above to view this hilarious shirt designed by Lucy and sold on Amazon.

Lucy’s first T-shirt available for sale on Amazon. Designed by Lucy and her daddy. We highly recommend it!

Hilarious Chihuahua Dog Owner Shirt. Makes a Perfect Holiday T Shirt.

Do you speak with your Chihuahua? Do you understand your little Chi? Really communicate? If you ask yourself this question frequently then this Chihuahua T shirt is the right piece of apparel for you. This Chihuahua Tee is a great gift idea for a family member, partner or for a friend that owns and loves a Chihuahua. I Speak Chihuahuaese Shirt is going to make you smile each and every time you wear it! So, what are you waiting for? Grab this unique shirt and make your friends burst into laughter.

You can wear this T-shirt at Chihuahua events, dog shows, Chi meetings, dog training, dog parks, with other Chihuahua friends and Xmas parties. Great tshirt stocking stuffer item for proud moms, dads, children, and all dog lovers.

A great Christmas gift idea for yourself or other Chihuahua dog lovers, friends who talk to their dogs. Perfect present for men, women, children, school kids. Chi pals will absolutely adore this unique piece of Chiwawa apparel, pajamas. Available in five colors. Click here to purchase or click the image above or below.

Chihuahua Security Doormat

What’s a home without a Chihuahua Security Guard doormat?

Chihuahua Security Doormat
It’s a home without a Chihuahua. Let people know your house is protected by a Chihuahua and is not to be tampered with.
Guard your home with a Chihuahua Security Guard door mat. Perfect for all Chihuahua lovers. Non-slip rubber that won’t crack or buckle, this mat resists fading, mold, and mildew and can be easily cleaned with a hose.
This beautiful floor mat is an excellent addition to any home.
Dimension: 18″w x 24″
  • • High quality sublimation printing allows for full rich color that won’t fade
  • • Mat is 1/8″ smooth fleece with white edge bounding
  • • Sturdy latex action backing allows for a non-slip grip
  • • Approved for indoors and covered-outdoor areas
  • • Decorated in the USA

This is the first in a new line of Lucy’s exclusive NEW Chihuahua Collection of products. You will find all of Lucy’s products (once her daddy designs them) on the All My Chihuahua’s Zazzle storefront.

Check out this new “Chihuahua Security Guard” Doormat.

Designed by Lucy’s daddy with input from Lucy.

Wrap Your Chihuahua in a Cloud

If you have a Chihuahua you love and nothing but time on your hands, you’ll want to check out Architecture for Dogs by Reiser + Umemoto for Chihuahua.

This is an interesting concept that will help make your little Chi stand out in any crowd. And you can create it all by yourself.

Check out the article and let me know what you think of it. I, personally, will not be enveloped in a cloud. I stand out just fine.

5 Great Chihuahua Gift Ideas

The holidays are a busy time for most people. There’s gifts to be bought, parties to go to or give, decorating to be done.

The list seems endless. My daddies and I are very busy, between work and my brothers various activities and mis-behaviors.

A Chihuahua’s work is never done. I wanted to take a few moments to give you some easy anytime gift ideas for your little Chi or for those who love Chihuahuas.

1. Chihuahua-opoly. If you love Monopoly, you’ll love this Chihuahua version. Your Chi might not understand the rules, but if you give the game to a Chihuahua lover they will greatly appreciate it.

2.Chuck-It. This is my most favorite toy. I have five of them all over the house and absolutely love it. I toss it to my daddies and they toss it across the room. Fetch is fun. You should really try it. Sometimes I just don’t want to give up on the game and fall asleep with the ball in my mouth.

3. Kong. Every night I get a treat in my Kong toy. The object is to not only give your dog a treat, but to encourage them to think as well. Figuring out how to get the treat out of the Kong is part of the fun. Sometimes I cheat and bring the Kong to my daddy. I nudge him until he finally takes the treat out and gives it to me. I know that’s cheating but oh well. I’m just a little girl.

4. Stuffed Hedgehog. You can’t go wrong with a Stuffed Hedgehog. It’s easy to grab, easy to toss and easy to make squeak. I love it and play with it daily. I have three of them in various stages of wear. My Hedgehogs are part of my daily fetch routine. I go from Chuck-it ball to Hedgehog. It’s the perfect size for your Chihuahua.

5. Bully Chew Sticks. When I’m tired of playing with my daddies I like to relax and chew on my Bully Chew Sticks. I have several hidden around the house. Sometimes I find them under the furniture. I don’t know how they get there. It takes a daddy to retrieve them but then that’s what daddies are for.

6 Tips on Stimulating Your Chihuahua’s Mind

All people need mental stimulation.

Chihuahuas are no different. We think, therefore we are.

Did you know Chihuahuas (and most dogs) have the mental capacity of a 2-3 year old child? Freaky, huh. That’s why it is very important to keep your Chihuahua thinking. Just like humans, if Chihuahuas are allowed to vegetate all day, every day, their minds will turn to mush. At the very least, their senior years may not be too pretty.

6 Tips on Stimulating Your Chihuahua’s Mind

  1. Exercise – Lots of Walkies with your human companion. It’s a bonding experience and healthy too. There’s a lot of sniffing to do.
  2. Crossword Puzzles – Or else toys like Kong* that challenge your Chi. I enjoy my Kong, but only when there’s a treat to eat. I still have a hard time writing without thumbs, so crosswords are out for now.
  3. Meeting and Greeting – A large social network of friends is helpful to keep your Chi entertained. This can be part of the walking routine. Or just take your Chi on play dates.
  4. Working for a Treat – Make your Chi work for their treat. Don’t just give him/her one. (I wouldn’t mind getting more treats). This could be as simple as asking your Chihuahua to sit first.
  5. Don’t leave your Chi home alone every day – Chihuahuas are portable. Take them wherever you go, even to work. Who doesn’t love a Chihuahua?!
  6. Get your Chihuahua a pet. Another dog makes a great companion for your Chi.

Give Your Chi a Mini Kong

Show you really care. I love my Kong and play with it daily. Especially when daddy puts a treat inside.

*The Small Classic Kong Toy is

  • Perfect for typical chewers.
  • Small: Up to 20 lbs.
  • Perfect for stuffing with Kong treats.
  • All natural, puncture resistant rubber.
  • Super bouncy and chewer friendly.
  • Cleans teeth, conditions gums.
  • Recommended by Veterinarians, Trainers & Dog Professionals.
  • Made in USA.



  • Cleans teeth and gums
  • Hollow center can be filled with food and treats
  • Keep your dogs busy and out of trouble for long periods of time
  • The world’s best dog toys!™

Another source of information about stimulating your Chi’s mind:

Mental Stimulation for Your Dog

Toys Make Life Fun for Your Chihuahua

I have more toys than I can play with. I want more.

All Chihuahuas love toys. I especially love stuffed animals that squeak. I have quite a collection.

Toys vs. Daddies

Toys make my life interesting and give me something to do. But toys are not a substitute for my daddies. In fact, being able to play games with my daddies make my toys even more fun. That’s because all dogs are social animals and love attention.

My stuffed mouse and porcupine are my current favorites. I also have a bunny, hippo and other various animals, but don’t find them as fascinating.

Toy Repair Hospital

Sometimes I manage to make a hole in my stuffed toy and pull out the stuffing. That is even more fun. But it is a solitary game. Once my daddy finds me doing this, that toy quickly vanishes. There is a toy hospital drawer in the kitchen and a sewing kit. After a while the toy reappears but the hole is gone. The challenge is for me to find or create more holes.

I also have a Kong toy. It has an odd shape and is made of hard rubber. There’s a hole in one end. It’s a pretty boring toy, except when my daddy puts a treat inside. It’s actually wedged in the hole. I eat the treat as much as I can.

The object is for me to learn how to get the entire treat out. Sometimes it’s too much work. I’ve taught my daddy how to get the treat out for me. It’s a simple trick. I take the Kong to daddy, lay it at his feet, and scratch at his leg. Eventually he gives in and gets the treat out for me. He never eats it himself. I guess he’s being nice to me. It’s fun to teach daddy a new trick.

Chuck-It, and daddy will throw it back

Another favorite toy is my Chuck-It ball. It’s a colorful, mini tennis ball. The perfect size for us little Chihuahuas. They seem to be multiplying. First I had one, then two. Now I have four. Five if you count the one I chewed up a bit. I don’t know where it is now, but I’m sure it will show up sooner or later.

The trick is to carry the ball to one daddy and toss it. He either throws it so I can retrieve it, or he kicks it with his foot. Either way, I get it and bring it back. I take turns going from one daddy to the other. Sometimes the ball gets stuck under furniture or something. I find that by staring at it for a time usually brings a daddy over to retrieve it. Daddies are fun to control. I get them to do all sorts of things for me.

Every so often I get a new toy. At first it’s fun, but I usually go back to my favorites. I’m a creature of habit. They say you should recycle your dog’s toys. By that I mean, take some away for a while and bring back old toys I haven’t seen in a while. It’s supposed to make them seem like new again. How stupid do you think I am. I can tell when a toy is new or not. New toys usually come in a plastic bag and have to have a tag to be removed. And there’s no slobbery smells on them yet.

Safe toys are best

Make sure your toys are sturdy. You don’t want your Chihuahua to eat a squeaker. I recently got one out of a toy and created a new toy for myself. Until my daddy stole it. I never did see that squeaker again.

For more information, read “Dog Toys: How to Figure Out What Your Dog Likes Best”

Lucy the Chihuahua’s First Online Video

Watch as Lucy enjoys her new stuffed toy! Enjoy.

Does Your Chihuahua Get Stressed?

Lucy at Hydrant

Checking out hydrants relieves my stress.

Lots of things can stress your Chihuahua.

We take our cue from our human companions as well as the environment. We Chihuahuas are very intuitive and we know when something is up with our parents. Also stressful situations like thunderstorms, fireworks, sirens, strangers at the door, strange company, noisy children, people putting their hands in front of our faces, being left alone, arguing parents, any change in our routines. Ay, the list goes on.

Because Chihuahuas tend to be nervous types, a little bit of stress can cause unwanted behavior. Don’t ask.

There’s a great article called “Our Stress, Depression, Joy…Can Dogs Tell” by Dr. Nicholas Dodman. Dogs really know when something is wrong and whether they should hide or attack. I have lots of hiding places and know just where to go where I can’t be caught.

Depending on our personality, we can either act out in an aggressive or annoying way or just take to our beds and nap. Nice soothing classical music helps us relax. Just make sure it’s not the 1812 Overture.

[Advertising Alert!]

Music My Pet is one of several CDs made especially to help your dog relax. It makes a perfect gift for that hyper dog, and their human caretakers.