5 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Chihuahua

1. Walk your Chihuahua daily

Comfort at work is important.

My daddy insists on making me walk several miles a day. No matter what the weather is like. He thinks exercise is good for you. I disagree.

Some Chihuahuas, like me, do not enjoy long walks. We prefer long naps.

I do everything I can to make walking with me difficult. I plant my feet. I pull back. I move to the side. I stop in the middle of the street. All to no avail.

Pulling never works. But walking behind me and gently nudging me seems to get me going.

When all else fails, pick up your Chi for a few blocks and then try again. Eventually I give in, especially when I realize we’re heading home.

Or you can take your Chihuahua to obedience school and learn the right way to teach them to walk.

2. An alternative to brushing your Chihuahua’s teeth

If your little Chihuahua absolutely refuses to let you brush their teeth, the next best thing is to give them a dental treat. There are many available today. Find one recommended by your vet and/or favorite pet store and give it a try. It couldn’t hurt. Unless you give them too much. Then you run the risk of making your Chihuahua obese. The result would be your human companion will make you walk. See #1 above.

3. A bed for your Chihuahua in every room

If you don’t want to have your Chihuahua sleep in your bed, the next best thing is to give them their own bed right next to yours. Then your Chi will feel like part of the family. And for added convenience, I enjoy having a bed in every room of the house. That way I can take a nap without being disturbed in the best location of the moment, meaning wherever my daddies are.

4. If we’re awake, it’s time to play with your Chihuahua

Most Chihuahua’s love to play. Make sure you get your dog plenty of toys. You want a sturdy toy that’s not too big or small.

I love my stuffed animals with squeakers. I have several mice, a porcupine, a bunny, and more than I can remember, or find. Some are bigger than my head.

I grab the toy of the moment and toss it to my daddies. If one is busy, I go to the other. If they ignore me I scratch their leg.

The object of the game is I toss the toy to you, and you throw it far away so I can run and bring it back.

This results in hours of fun and exercise. A little tennis ball is also good.

5. Give your Chihuahua a back and neck massage

We love massages, just like people do. If you’ve got a spare moment in between playtime, walk time, eating and napping, a gentle massage is greatly appreciated.

If your Chihuahua is older or has arthritis, a more thorough massage could work wonders.

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