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Stalking a Squirell

Here you will find everything Chihuahua. From health tips to advice. Food to toys. Clothes to fun facts. Places to eat and stay. Follow Lucy’s life and adventures too.

I am Lucy. I’m a Chihuahua expert because I am a Chihuahua. I have been my whole life. I hope to help Chihuahuas be the best they can be by teaching their human companions who to be great Chihuahua people.

Now I need to catch a power nap before it’s snack or walkie time. 

Lucy’s Story

Lucy doing dishes.
Here I am hard at work doing dishes.

I was born in Corona, California and found myself at the Chihuahua Gardens among a herd of other Chi puppies. Then my daddy came, looked over the herd and decided I was the one for him. So off I went in a cardboard box to Redondo Beach.

It was after much careful research that my daddy found me. He checked many websites regularly for Chihuahua breeders. He contacted Chihuahua rescues, dog pounds, and friends. I came from a Chihuahua breeder’s neighbor, who’s Chihuahua had puppies. While being very cute and friendly, I have no official AKC papers. I was quite the bargain for my daddies.

I don’t miss my biological family because my life is so full taking care of my two daddies. They take lots of supervision. Plus I must constantly play ball with them in order to keep them from being bored. If you don’t tire them out, they don’t sleep well.

Lucy’s Daddies

Papa Lee and Daddy Charlie
Papa Lee and Daddy Charlie

I have two daddies, Charlie and Lee. They have been together for over twenty years and treat me very well. Daddy Charlie is easy going. I can get away with a lot more shenanigans. He gives in to my whining easier than Papa Lee does. Papa Lee is stricter. He likes to rough-house with me, at least as much as he can with a little girl Chihuahua.

Papa Lee puts some of my treasured toys away in a box, saying I have too many out. Once in a while, a “lost” toy comes back and another disappears. Daddy Charlie, on the other hand, is the one always getting me new toys to play with. He’s the one who feeds me, walks me daily and lets me sleep on his lap while he works in his home office.

My daddies adopted two boys in addition to me. They are quite the handful. But I’m up to the task of amusing and comforting them when needed. In return, I get lots of love and new playmates.

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