Calorie Calculator

How many calories is your Chihuahua consuming daily?

Is your Chihuahua eating the right amount of calories? Find out by using the Calorie Calculator for Dogs. It’s a handy little tool that can help you find out just how much you should feed your Chi.

If you want to help your Chihuahua lose or maintain their weight, give this calculator a try.

Tips for a healthy Chihuahua

  • Feed your Chihuahua a quality dog food and encourage them to drink plenty of water.
  • Exercise your Chi. Daily walks can be fun and invigorating for you and your pup. Letting your dog out in the back yard is not exercise, unless your Chi tends to run around and around in circles. Just saying.
  • Personally I prefer to sleep all day. Exercising is for the birds.

4 thoughts on “Calorie Calculator”

  1. Using site calculator to determine calorie need for our Long Hair Chihuahua. She is a large bone size weighing 10 lbs and 4yrs old.
    We walk her daily but she seems to always want food. Concerned that she is overweight. How can we relate a human 1 mile walk to an equivalent mileage for her busy short legs as we walk? We are feeding her about 70 gms of Blue Adult Small Breed (Natural Fish and Brown Rice, Recipe small bits. We moisten 15-20 gms food with Chicken Broth. Serve 4-5 times daily. The way I calculate she gets about 350 k/cals daily. I guess it is slow going to reduce her weight to 8-9 lbs. Suggestions and/or encouragement appreciated.

  2. All I can recommend is lots of exercise, no table scraps and few treats. I feed my Chihuahua twice a day, breakfast and dinner.

  3. My chihuahua is a cross (Jack russel and chihuahua ).
    He has been neutered and weighs 6 kg. my vet says he is still overweight he gets 2 × 20 minute walks a day he is 7.5 years old.
    At the moment he gets 265 calories a day (based on the vet calculator RER rest requirements 70(6kg)^.75 ).
    How many calories should my neutered dog get to get to a weight of 5.5kg

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