5 Ways Your Chihuahua Talks To You

Chihuahuas Have Feelings Too

This is my favorite pose.

We are very emotional beings. We also enjoy being part of a pack. Most dogs and especially Chihuahuas love attention.

We want to be loved, petted, played with and taken care of. Don’t ignore us or you will pay the price!

Here are some of the ways we use to get your attention:

  1. Whine. This is a good one. It’s very annoying and very successful. We can keep it up as long as you can stand it. Eventually you will give in.
  2. Scratching your leg. This is especially good when demanding you play catch with us or give us a treat. Also very effective.
  3. Barking. If we spot an intruder approaching the house, like a mailman or other dog, we may have to use our outside barking voice. For some reason, people don’t seem to enjoy our barking voice. It can range from low to shrieky. A lot of little dogs are known for being yippers.
  4. Running around the house and causing havoc. We like to combine exercise with fun. Also a great attention getter.
  5. Jumping on lap. How can you resist a little bundle of love jumping onto your lap. If it’s nap time, cover us in a blankie and we’ll love you forever. Otherwise, pet and pamper us.

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