7 Helpful Tips on Dining Out With Your Chihuahua

Summer is almost here. Why not take your favorite Chihuahua out to eat.

I love eating out. I get to spend quality time with my daddies and see other people. Best of all, I get to go out and not stay home alone.

Often I get to eat a treat or two. If my daddy is eating a salad I get a crunchy piece of lettuce and some chicken too. You never know what I might get.

There’s also new people to meet and greet. I usually get to sit on one of my daddy’s lap for a while but I prefer the floor so I can suck up any food items that fall to the ground. Sometimes I catch something at a nearby table.

When dining out with your Chihuahua (or other dog breed), be sure to follow these helpful tips:

  1. Keep your Chi off the table. Most people would balk at eating off a table that a dog has stood on.
  2. Keep your Chi quiet. A well behaved Chihuahua is a joy to behold. A yapping, growling one is annoying.
  3. Bring a toy or safe treat for your Chi to enjoy. Perhaps a chew toy would occupy them for  awhile.
  4. Bring a bowl for water. Most restaurants with outdoor seating do not offer bowl service to dogs.
  5. Bring a blanket or carrier in case your Chi gets cold or sleepy.
  6. Be careful of poisonous foods that may fall near your Chi. These include raisins, grapes, seeds, chocolate and such. People do drop food.
  7. Make sure your Chi will not bite others. Many people love putting their hands on or near a cute little Chihuahua. We don’t always like that.

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