9 Non-Scary Halloween Safety Tips for Your Chihuahua

Is Your Chihuahua Halloween Ready?

As a proud Chihuahua, I do not like getting dressed up for Halloween. Unless I’m wearing my pink parka to keep me warm, I prefer to run around naked. Except, of course, for my built in fur coat. I never take it off because that would hurt.

Still, some Chihuahuas may enjoy wearing something special for Halloween.

Here’s my advice on surviving Halloween:

  1. If your Chi is fighting you on wearing a costume, don’t force them. (They’re probably embarrassed).
  2. Taking your Chi trick-or-treating is probably not a good idea. Most of us Chis hate crowds and strangers. We’re very cute and everyone wants to touch us. Scary.
  3. Avoid gaggles of children. Chihuahuas are small and break easily. Imagine a herd of kids screeching at you and waving wands and bags of candy. Yikes.
  4. Never feed your Chihuahua candy. It’s not good for them and can be toxic especially chocolate. Half eaten candy on the sidewalk is seen as a treat for you Chi. The trick for you would be taking your Chi to the emergency pet clinic for a stomach pumping. Ugh.
  5. When at home, provide a nice, quiet spot for your Chihuahua to hide in. It can be quite annoying when the doorbell rings or people knock constantly.
  6. When giving out candy to trick-or-treaters, make sure you don’t drop any. We Chihuahuas are quick on picking up dropped treasures. Once it hits the floor, it’s ours.
  7. Keep Halloween decorations away from your Chihuahua. We may enjoy eating them as much as candy.
  8. Make sure you don’t let your Chi escape into the night. Some of us might be scared and confused by all the ruckus.
  9. Don’t forget to give us a healthy dog treat when the Halloween ordeal is all over.

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