Can Your Chihuhua Help you Deal with Life’s Stress?

Chihuahuas make very good stress busters.

Lucy relaxing on her daddy.

Having a pet can be very relaxing and may very well extend your life. Chihuahuas make great companions, are loyal and very portable. Some may be a bit yappy but no one’s perfect.

Chihuahuas travel well.

We are small so you can take us almost anywhere. Unfortunately most indoor theaters and restaurants don’t allow pets. Why not find one that does? Eating outside with your Chi can be fun and relaxing. Although if you live in a cold climate this could be problematic.

Chihuahuas are low maintenance.

I get a bath every month or two. It takes less than 15 minutes. Then I’m towel dried and good to go. It’s all stress free and fun.

Massaging your Chi relieves your tension.

Plop your Chi in your lap and give a gentle back massage. Your Chihuahua will love it and reward you by falling asleep.

It’s take your Chi to work day.

We make great work companions too. Why not place an extra bed next to your office desk and take your Chi to work. Some people may have to ask permission for this, though. I don’t see why.

Walking your Chihuahua is healthy and fun.

Exercise is good for everybody. It extends your life and feels good. Taking your little companion along benefits both you and your Chi. We’re sturdy little dogs and we love to sniff and explore our world.

When you burn calories by walking you can maintain a healthy weight and enjoy an occasional treat. My daddy says I’m a one tissue dog. Make sure you carry something to collect your pup’s little presents and dispose of them properly.

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