Canned vs. Dry Dog Food for your Chi.

Lucy in Recovery
Here I am recovering in my plush bed.

I am recovering from my surgery but food is still very important to me. Thus I find the controversial debate of canned vs. dry dog food fascinating.

My daddy generally mixes my dry dog food with some canned dog food. They are both high quality Turducken from Merrick. I find this to be my favorite brand. I actually prefer the canned because it has chunks and gravy and lots of other tasty goodies. When the two are mixed together I usually eat the dry as well as the canned but I don’t chew it, I just swallow the pieces whole. So any benefit of crunchiness is not happening.

Perhaps some day my daddy will get the hint and just give me the canned food with an occasional crunchy treat.

Check out this interesting articles for more details. “Feeding Your Dog – Canned or Dry And How Often? from

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