Chihuahua Safety and 8 Holiday Decorating No Nos

Have you decorated your home for the holidays? Have you considered how fascinated your little Chihuahua is with all things chewable? Imagine their reaction to trees, lights, ornaments, tinsel, pine needles, gifts, flocking and more.

This is my second Xmas. I don’t remember the first one as I was only a few months old. But this year Papa Lee went all out. I love that fake white flocked old tree. Lots and lots of white stuff falling all over the floor. Daddy Charlie rushed out with the vacuum but I was clever and quicker. I managed to grab a mouthful of white fluffies to play with under the safety of the coffee table.

Just so you know, though, here are some things the ASPCA wants you to keep in mind for your pet’s safety.

  1. No holiday sweets, especially chocolate. Unsweetened baking chocolate is particularly toxic to your dog. It wouldn’t take much for a little Chihuahua to have tummy issues or worse.
  2. Hard to believe, but dogs are better off keeping to their normal, everyday diet, assuming that consists of high quality dog food and not table scraps.
  3. Never give your dog poultry bones or greasy, spicy and fatty foods. The results could be very, very bad.
  4. Alcohol is a definite no no. There’s nothing worse than a drunk Chi and it could prove fatal.
  5. We do love those fancy cellophane wrappers as well as aluminum foil. But keep them away from us.
  6. Holiday flowers and plants could be poisonous. Lilies can cause kidney failure, mistletoe and holly berries can be toxic. Poinsettias can cause vomiting or nausea. Oh my.
  7. Xmas tree water can look enticing to a little Chi. But the bacteria and fertilizers can prove to cause unpleasant stomach upsets.
  8. Ornaments and other decorations look like toys. We want them. Don’t give them to us. Avoid decorating those low hanging branches. Or else use doggie treats. (That’s my idea. Yum.)

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