Did My Chihuahua Have a Seizure or a Major Freak-out?

The other day I was acting my usual, friendly, lively self. My favorite neighbor stopped by for a moment and I greeted her as I always do.

Daddy picked me up to prevent me from running outside to snarl at the neighborhood pugs walking by. The neighbor left and daddy put me down while he started dinner.

A few moments later daddy saw me slinking into the kitchen. Something was wrong. I was shivering and my ears were down.

Seizure or Freakout?

Daddy picked me up immediately because I was acting strangely stiff and terrified. Was it a seizure? I wasn’t flopping around or foaming at the mouth. I did not lose consciousness or fall down.

I just acted petrified which scared daddy and myself. After holding me still for a while I seemed to be calming down. When daddy let go of me I headed for the bedroom and hid under the bed.

About a half hour later I came out of hiding and looked around to see what was up. My other daddy came home and everything was fine as usual. You would never know I had a major freak-out.

Daddy is not going to take me to the dreaded Vet because that would really freak me out. I’m back to normal. Daddy’s last Chihuahua had seizures but this did not seem like one.

What Causes Chihuahua Freak-outs?

This has happened before. There were no loud noises, no yelling, no commotion. Nothing.

But perhaps there was something. I have very sensitive ears and a terrific sense of smell. I may have heard something that caused a sensory overload.

I cannot explain it because I haven’t mastered English well enough to verbalize my feelings and experiences. It’s hard enough to get my daddy to transcribe these posts for all my fans. I come up with the ideas and do all the proofreading.

Have you experienced the new “Chihuahua Freak Out” syndrome? If so, tell us your experiences.

If you suspect your Chihuahua is having a seizure contact your vet immediately, even if your Chi protests.

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