Dining Out With your Chihuahua is Fun!

Everybody likes to dine out once in a while. And so does your Chihuahua (other dogs too!).

It’s fun to go to new places and see new people. The smell of food cooking is wonderful. And Chihuahuas especially enjoy sitting on their daddy’s lap while dinner is being served. Unfortunately eating off the table is seen as rude and not socially acceptable. Pity.

It is against the law to bring your little furry friend into a restaurant. The health department thinks it’s unsanitary. Can you believe that?! But don’t worry. Many restaurants have outdoor seating and some of those welcome pets. They’re my favorites.

If you happen to live in an area with a nice year round climate like Los Angeles there are many restaurants to choose from and enjoy. If not, then I can tell you sitting out in the snow is not my idea of a good time. I know this because I don’t like the cold, not because I’ve ever seen snow. Don’t forget to bring a nice blankie. If you’re near the beach it might get a little chilly at night.

Here’s a list of Pet Friendly Outdoor Restaurants in the Southbay, taken from The Daily Breeze. Check online for restaurants in your neighborhood. Of course you can always eat outside at almost any fast food eatery, even Starbucks.

Hermosa Beach

Martha’s 22nd Street Grill – 25-22nd St.
Good Stuff – 1286 The Strand
Hennessey’s – 8 Pier Avenue
Le Petite Cafe – 190 Hermosa Ave.

Manhattan Beach

Hennessey’s – 313 Manhattan Beach Blvd.
The Local Yolk – 3414 Highland Ave.
Uncle Bill’s Pancake House – 1305 Highland Ave.

Marina Del Rey

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill – 13424 Maxella Ave.
The Cow’s End – 34 Washington Blvd.

Redondo Beach

Kool Dog Diner – 1666 South PCH
Petit Casino – 1767 South Elena Ave.
Whole Foods Market – 405 N. Pacific Coast Hwy.


Whole Foods Market – 2655 Pacific Coast Highway

Palos Verdes

Rive Gauche – 320 Tejon Place

San Pedro

Lighthouse Deli/Cafe – 508 W. 39th Street

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