Does your Chihuahua dream?

Squirell up a tree
Chasing a squirell up a tree is my favorite dream.

Yes, yes we do. We have wonderful dreams of playing, running, eating.

Like people, dogs enter various stages of sleep, including the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage. This is where we dream. You can tell by the way we twitch and move our little paws.

Studies show that the number and length of dreams vary with the size of the dog. Thus we Chihuahuas have short and frequent dreams lasting less than 60 seconds.

Because we don’t have thumbs it is difficult to record our dreams when we wake up. But humans actually study this stuff. And they conclude that when animals dream they dream about events that occur in their everyday wakeful life.

This could be chasing squirrels, mailmen, barking at other dogs intruding on our space, just normal everyday things. Sometimes I dream I am a princess because that’s what my daddy says I am.

Check out this article “Do dogs and cats really dream?” from USAToday for more information.

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