Does Your Chihuahua Know When You’re Upset or Happy?

Yes. We Chihuahuas, like all “dogs”, are very intuitive. We can sense when our human companions are stressed, sad, happy or any other emotion. Mostly because people don’t hide their feelings from us. Dogs are like a therapist you can talk to all the time and they never talk back. At least not in English.

Dogs feel emotions. If you’re yelling at your dog, they know they did something wrong. They may not know what, but they know enough to hide. And if you’re yelling at your spouse or other human companion, your dog knows to stay out of the way.

If you’re happy, your dog will sense that too and want to be a part of it. Dogs are very social creatures. If we see two humans kissing or what-not, we want part of that action.

If you’re playing, we want to play. If you’re watching TV or reading, we want to play. If you’re busy working, well, we want to play. And then take a nice, long nap.

Read more about how your dog can tell how you feel from And feel free to share your experiences with your dog and emotions.

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