Free Dog Training Membership

Lucy with flower.I was chosen one of the 20 finalists in the TrainPetDog blog contest. Alas, I did not win first place. Nevertheless, I get to give away free 10-year memberships to the Elite Dog Owner’s Club to 10 lucky readers.

The Elite Dog Owner’s Club is a unique online club that helps members get access to exclusive videos, audio recordings, and articles on different aspects of dog training, and also features exclusive interviews with some of the most famous dog trainers in the world.

Membership to the Elite Dog Owner’s Club costs $37 per month. Therefore, a 10 year membership to the Elite Dog Owner’s Club would cost $4,440. But I get to give away 10 such memberships for free.

Such a deal. If you or someone you know would like one of these “free 10-year memberships” let me know and I will give your name and email address to TrainPetDog.

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