Giving Your Chihuahua a Pill can be Easy or Hard

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This is such an important topic because your Chihuahua’s life could depend on it.

Occasionally your dog may get sick and need to take a pill. Also as we age, things can go wrong.

There are many ways to give your little Chi a pill. Basically it comes down to hard vs. easy.

The Easy Way

The easy way is to hide the pill in a treat. This could be a bit of cheese, peanut butter, meat, cream cheese. Even a little ice cream can work. Whatever kind of mushy food your Chi loves.

You can even try hiding the pill in your dog’s food. But we Chihuahua’s have a keen sense of smell. And sometimes that little pill can be bitter. We can be very clever in eating the treat and/or food and spitting out the pill so be careful. Make sure the pill is indeed gone down our throat.

Often you need to cut a pill in half or even smaller. Forget a knife. Cutting a pill with a knife can be messy with pieces of pills flying everywhere. Instead invest in a pill cutter. This little gizmo makes cutting a pill so much easier than with a knife.

The Hard Way

Just open the mouth and place the pill in the back of the throat. Then all you have to do is inject a little water in your Chi’s mouth and watch them swallow the pill.

Uh huh. That’ll work just fine with some Chihuahuas. You know how much we enjoy having our mouths opened and something stuck down our throats.

Or you could try a pill popper, that blows the pill down your Chihuahau’s throat. My daddy hasn’t tried this but I’m sure it’s easy-peasy too. I would love to have something new to chew on.

Whatever way you choose to give your dog a pill, I wish you good luck!

Check out this article on “How to Give Your Pet a Pill” from It gives more information on “pilling” your dog.

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