Grapes and Raisins Can Harm Your Chihuahua!

Tasty but Deadly Grapes and Raisins

They seem innocent enough. And they look tasty. But my daddy never lets me eat grapes or raisins. He says they can kill me.

The truth is, grapes and raisins, especially when eaten in large quantities, can cause acute kidney failure in your dog and lead to death if not treated. Yikes!

They say one or two may not prove harmful but then again, a Chihuahua is a very little dog, and even one raisin or grape may do damage.

So if you drop a raisin or grape on the floor, make sure you grab it before your dog does. I run when I hear food drop and I’m on it in an instant. I have not tasted a grape or raisin so please don’t tempt me by leaving them where I can get to it.

Read Raisin and Grape Toxicity in Dogs for more information on this toxic treat.

Also Grape and Raisin Toxicosis by Dr. Debra Primovic from

If your Chi does eat grapes or raisins, contact your vet for advice on what to do.

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