How Does Your Chihuahua Communicate

Chihuahuas Have Lots to Say

Chis are highly intelligent and inquisitive. And we like lots of attention and know how to get it.

If they’re clever like me, they create a website and write informative and fun blog posts.

It’s true I get some help from my daddy. I have difficulty typing because I don’t have thumbs. Computer keyboards are not Chihuahua friendly.

So I dictate my thoughts in my native language and my daddy translates and types. I have complete editorial control and final say so of the way my website looks. Unless, of course, you don’t like it, then I blame my daddy.

Understanding How a Chihuahua Communicates

  • Bark. It’s our main way of talking. Barking is a complex language. There are no “Bark to English” translation books. There are no known written examples of Bark (except for a musical). It just is.
  • Whine. Not as loud as barking but just as annoying if done properly. I should teach a course on this. It’s a very effective way to get results.
  • Scratching. I like to scratch my daddies’ leg to get attention. This usually works fine for getting my ball or stuffed rodent tossed. It sometimes works for getting an extra treat. I may be small but I like to be seen and noticed.
  • Tail Wagging. This instrument has many meanings. It could show happiness (fast), sadness (droopy) and fear (between my legs). A book should be written on this alone.
  • Ears. Very expressive, my ears can be up and perky (happy or inquisitive), floppy (relaxed), or down (scared).
  • Body. The way I carry my body can show different moods and feelings. I can be erect and confident, crouching and ready to pounce, or crawling and ready to hide.

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