How much time should my dog sleep?

That’s a great question. “Experts” say on average a dog sleeps 14 hours a day. There’s an article at that explains all this in detail so I don’t have to.

I sleep about 8 hours at night in my own cozy little bed, which is in an enclosed octagon “bedroom”, located next to the floor heater. I have several warm, cozy blankets to snuggle under. My bedroom is “locked up” at night so I’ll feel safe. Sometimes I think my daddies should let me sleep with them in their bed, but they might crush me.

I’m a working girl. One of my daddies has a graphic arts business in the house so I have to supervise him and make sure he works hard. But I manage to catch a few naps during the day too. When my other daddy comes home at 6 ish it’s time for a walk, dinner and play in front of the TV. Then naptime around 9 to prepare for bedtime.

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