How to Make Friends with a Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are not known for being social creatures. People tend to think of Chihuahuas as yappy and bitey. I was raised to be friendly with people. My daddy’s previous Chihuahua, Tasha, did not like most people. I’m sure she had good reasons.

Calm and gentle is the way to go

The trick is to not scare the Chihuahua. As with most “dogs”, it’s best to let us come to you. We’re very inquisitive and will want to see and smell you. Chi’s can be hesitant when meeting new people. We don’t want you to lunge at us with hands extended.

How would you like a stranger to approach you and stick their huge hand in front of your face. Some people are taught to let a dog sniff their hand. The proper way to do this is to kneel down slowly, and quietly hold out your hand. We will approach you if and when we feel safe.

Ask Permission

Never assume a little dog won’t bite, really hard. Usually we’re attached to a person. Ask them if it’s okay to approach us.

Don’t show your teeth and don’t look the dog directly in the eye. And furthermore, never crouch over them. Talk about scary!

Children can be the worst offenders

Often children run in herds. They all seem to love Chihuahuas because we are so small. But we’re breakable too. And we don’t like fast, sudden movements. Imagine being very small and having a herd of little people screeching and running toward you. We tend to get skittish and want to escape. If that’s not possible then we’ll want to defend ourselves against the intruders.

So be very careful. Parents tend to not like their children being bitten by a little dog, no matter how cute they are.

Bicycles, Skateboards and Scooters, oh my

I hate them. If you’re on one, keep away from me. They’re noisy and scary. I do enjoy chasing after a UPS or FedEx truck though. It’s the challenge.

As a Chihuahua I urge all people to respect us and treat us gently. Then we can all get along just fine.

Have you had a good or bad experience greeting a Chihuahua?


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