How to Safely Prepare Your Chihuahua for Halloween

Candy is a Chihuahua No No

Chihuahuas, like most dogs, love Halloween. Sort of. Actually we love finding candy treats and will steal them if we can. Therefore it is not a good idea to leave candy lying around. Especially chocolate. We are not picky. We’ll eat any kind of candy. Including the wrappers. Why not. So be careful.

Dressing Your Chihuahua in a Costume Can Be Fun, or Not

Some dogs love getting dressed up for Halloween. I do not. What’s the point. It’s not like I get to go trick-or-treating and keep the candy. If your Chi does not like wearing clothes of any kind, please don’t dress them in a costume. It’s embarrassing.

Friendly Visitors or Annoying Beggars

A constant stream of noisy children coming to the door, begging for treats can be a bit bothersome for a sensitive Chihuahua. Begging for treats is my job. And I prefer to do it uninterrupted. So if your Chi is upset by all the commotion, please provide a comfortable, safe and noise-free place for them to hide.

Check out “Halloween Safety for Dogs” for some great advice from

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