How to Throw Your Chihuahua a Birthday Party

Chihuahuas Love Parties

We Chihuahuas enjoy a party as much as the next dog. Well, maybe some more than others. As long as there is food and treats.

There are three main Chihuahua personality types:

The social butterfly. This is me. I love people. I will run to almost anyone and greet them, after a moment of preliminary sniffing. It’s my ‘getting to know you’ period.

The barky bitey type. This was my daddy’s previous Chihuahua, Tasha. She hated most people and would just as soon bite them than allow them to touch her or her daddy. A party would not be a good idea for this type of personality.

The nervous and shy type. Some Chihuahuas are afraid of almost everything. A quiet treat at home may be a better idea than tormenting your Chi on their birthday with a roomful of people and dogs.

Should your guest list include other dogs?

Make sure your Chihuahua likes other dogs before inviting them. If they only like a few, just invite those chosen ones. Never invite dogs your Chihuahua doesn’t know or like. Why ruin the party with unwanted guests.

Encourage your guests to bring lots of presents.

We Chis like treats, stuffed animals, chewy toys, squeaky toys, pull toys, crunchy toys, balls of various sorts and sizes. Also bones, biscuits, jerky, cookies and did I mention treats?

Avoid clothes, collars, tags and other boring stuff. You wouldn’t give that to a child, would you?

What to serve at your Chi’s party.

Food. Find your local dog bakery and splurge on a dog friendly cake or other party-like treats. Meat snacks also go well. Forget the sugary snacks. They’re not good for anyone. If you must feed humans too, then a cake is okay. But not chocolate. Drop a piece of chocolate cake on the floor and it will be covered by the nearest Chihuahua in an instant. And remember, chocolate is toxic to dogs of all kinds.

How to dress your Chihuahua for their party.

Most dogs prefer being naked. Let’s face it, dogs hate wearing clothes unless it’s very cold. I especially detest hats, collars, boots, shoes of any kind, anything on my head including bows and ribbons. All these items are for chewing, not wearing. I come with a pre-built-in fur coat. It’s one of a kind and fits great.

Human types should wear comfortable clothes that resist dog hair. Avoid colors that are too dark or light. Never wear a fur coat of any kind, unless it’s fake.

Eating Out with your Chi

If throwing a party for your Chihuahua is too stressful or expensive, why not take your little companion out to dinner to celebrate. We will totally enjoy your company and of course good food. I love eating out with my daddies and have done so quite frequently.

There are many restaurants that have outdoor dining and welcome dogs. Find one that’s not too noisy or distracting, but has pleasant surroundings, interesting sights and shade or heat, where appropriate.

Bring your Chi’s favorite blankie for your lap or else a comfortable carrier so they will feel at home. Don’t forget a water dish and treats. Be careful about sharing your own meal with your Chihuahua. Rich foods can cause stomach problems as well as obesity. Besides, just being with you is all your little Chi needs. That and lots of love.

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