How to Use a Daily Routine to Make Your Chihuahua Happy

Dogs Respond Well to Routines

Chihuahuas, like most dogs, do well with a daily routine. When we know what to expect, we can relax and go with the flow.

But when that routine is disrupted, you can expect possible bad behavior. It’s our way of showing our disapproval of your bad behavior.

I like to get up around 7:30 am. I get to use the outdoor restroom, play, and have breakfast. Occasionally I allow my daddy to try brushing my teeth. Mostly I just like the toothpaste and chew the toothbrush a little.

After a little playtime it’s time for my morning nap in daddy’s home office.

Sometime around 11 it’s time for my long morning walk. Then it’s lunch time. I mostly just get a snack while daddy pigs-out.

I look forward to my afternoon nap, which is interrupted by another long walk around 3 pm. After that, another much deserved nap.

My other daddy comes home about 6. Then yet another walk as a family, meeting and greeting neighbors along the way.

Then comes dinnertime, play time and then relaxing in front of the TV before bedtime.

Routines make me feel comfortable. I know what to expect.

So it’s best to stick to your dog’s routine whenever possible.

Change your Chihuahua’s Routine Occasionally

It couldn’t hurt to mix it up once in a while, like taking your dog on a different route for their walk. Or taking them on an outing to a pet store for a treat.

Or how about a nice little lunch out? I love going to Daphne’s or Chicken Maison and sitting in the outdoor dining area with my daddies. I often get a bit of chicken or salad.

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