Toys that Challenge your Chihuahua Helps Prevent Destructive Behaviour

When not sleeping or eating Chihuahuas like to play. If you don’t have a lot of time to play give your Chi a toy that will stimulate him/her mentally and keep them occupied for a while.

I’ve been given the Kong toy. This is a challenge. I am expected to work for my treat by getting it out of this “Super Durable” toy. The packaging says it “entertains and satisfies average chewers”. I consider myself above average in most things but enjoy this toy anyway.

You can put any variety of snacks inside the Kong. So far I’ve tried the Liver Recipe Snacks for small dogs. It’s made in the USA, is low fat and tastes yummy. Like potato chips, it can be addictive. But I only get one a day so I can keep my girlish figure. A carrot might be a nice insert too.

These treats even come with instructions. Just squeeze the Kong, insert the large end of the snack inside and have at it. Of course I’d prefer to eat the snacks without all the bother, but I’m told dogs like to work for their treats. That was never my idea but I guess I’ll have to go along with it.

You can buy the Kong and treats at most pet stores or order from And if you do, I get more change for my toy fund.

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