Is it Safe if Your Chihuahua Eats a Fly?

I’m not proud of it, but I do find flies fascinating. I love to chase them if they happen to get in my house.

I don’t feel that they are welcome and it is my job to get rid of them. Nobody else seems to care.

Fly Adventure


So the other day I chased a fly all around the office where my daddy works. I believe the fly was on getting old because he wasn’t flying very high.

I persevered and eventually won. I caught that fly in my mouth. In hindsight I should have spit him out but no. Being a creature of instincts I ate the fly and it tasted funny.


The experience sort of freaked me out. So I ran under my daddy’s bed and hid there for a few hours. Then I ran under the blankets of my own bed and hid there for a while.

Finally daddy came to take me for a walk and I snapped out of it.

If another fly comes into my house I’m afraid I will try to get him too. What can I say. Flies belong outside.

Is swallowing a fly safe for your dog?

Your dog is probably okay. Daddy researched this interesting topic online and found some people say nothing will happen. Others say they could get a disease or tapeworms. And still others say you get tapeworms from eating fleas, not flies.

Do you know the answer? Let us know.

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