Kill Fleas Now! Three Quick Solutions.

Kill fleas with a bathIs your little Chihuahua overrun with fleas? I hate having fleas crawling all over me. I have a short white coat so you can see those little buggers hopping and crawling.

My daddies hate fleas too. Who needs them? I don’t. They’re yucky and annoying. Here’s what my daddy uses to help me cope.

1. Flea Comb with tape. Once your flea comb captures some fleas, have some magic tape handy to snuff them out. Not pretty but very effective. Just comb and tape, comb and tape. Then fold the tape over and toss in the trash. Easy.

2. Flea medicine. Daddy uses Simparica. You’re supposed to use it monthly but daddy is not always on top of that. It’s a chewable tablet, beef flavored. Daddy tries to hide it in my food but I always find it and spit it out. Then daddy cuts it up and squishes it in some chicken. Works every time. And no fleas.

3. Bath. Every few months a get a 5-minute bath. I’m small and my hair is short so why linger. I don’t care for bubbles.

Check out this helpful link:

Flea Allergy Dermatitis in Dogs

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