Natural beef chews beat Rawhide, says this Chihuahua.

I love to chew. After all, I’m only one year old and there’s so much fun stuff out there to chew on. Unfortunately my daddies frown on me chewing things they consider theirs. As if.

Anyway, I’ve been given giant rawhide bones, nylabones and RedBarn Naturals, among other things. While I do enjoy my rawhide and nylabone, I prefer the RedBarn Naturals. In particular, I like the “Small Bully Ring” but there are many varieties.

According to the RedBarn people, these treats boast the following:

  • Dogs love the taste of these 100% natural dried muscles
  • They become chewy when wet
  • Nutritious beef chews are completely digestible
I must say, I believe them because I thoroughly enjoy chewing these. Because I’m a small Chihuahua it takes me a while to go through the Bully Ring, which is why my daddy chose it. I’m on my second one now. You should try one, or two.

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