Save your Chihuahua from an Auto Accident

Lucy Traveler
Here's my traveling home.

Last Friday my daddy got into a car accident on the freeway. It was very, very scary and the poor car has a big boo-boo. Lucky for me, this time my daddies left me at home. They were on their way to the theater (HMS Pinafore) and I was not invited.

This leads to the subject of dog safety in cars. It is highly recommended to have your dog harnessed in some way, either with a carrier or some doggie seat. This is to prevent your pooch from flying through the air in the event of an accident. My daddy’s last Chihuahua, Tasha, used to lay in his lap while he drove. Had he had an accident like this one she could have been crushed against the steering wheel. Yikes. And let’s not forget those deadly airbags.

I have my own little carrier, strapped in the middle of the back seat with a seat belt harness. It’s like my home away from home. Whenever I travel, I go right inside. It’s zipped up and quite comfy. Plush floor, see-through sides and top. And a mini blankie too. I can curl up and sleep or keep an eye on my daddy’s driving. Had I been in the car during this accident I would have been perfectly safe.

For more information check out Car Safety for Dogs by Sandra Ferguson from Pet Peoples Place. Also Road Trip Safety for Dogs from

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