Should I cut or file my Chihuahua’s toenails?

I absolutely hate having my toenails cut. It seems like a silly thing to do. And potentially painful, too.

Being a Chihuahua, you would think it would be easy to cut my nails and it would be, too, if I allowed it. But alas, I won’t. I put up with teeth brushing and harness wearing. I allow myself to be bathed on occasion. But I draw the line at cutting my nails. Most of them are self-filed anyway when I take my two mile daily walk. Partly because I tend to pull rather than walk like a proper lady. What can I say, my daddy apparently didn’t train me well enough… yet.

For those dogs that do enjoy getting a home manicure, there are two methods. Some people use nail clippers made for dogs. Others use some sort of grinding instrument. I dislike the nail clippers. I haven’t seen the grinder. I doubt I would like that either. For those humans who want to trim their Chi’s nails, try doing it after a bath when the nails are softer. Avoid the quick to prevent bleeding. Wrapping your Chi in a towel might help cut down on the wiggling stuff. Wrapping your hands in a towel might prevent your Chi from biting you.

For now, the answer is that my daddy is going to cop out and have the vet trim my nails when I go in for my vaccines and check up in January. We’ll see how that goes.

If you’re in the market for a nail grinder, check out these few from Amazon. I haven’t used them as yet, but they did get good reviews. And if you buy one I get a little cash back for my college fund.

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