Should you Prepare your Chihuahua’s meals from Scratch?

Lucy on sofa.
Where is my dinner?!

Chihuahuas love to eat human food. It’s so much more desirable than dog food. But if you really want to cook your own dog food you must find a nutritionally sound recipe.

Don’t make the mistake my daddy did with his previous Chihuahua. He let her decide what to eat and she ended up eating nothing but VitaSnax and whatever meat daddy had for dinner. She got quite a variety but not the right nutrition. The result was the inability to digest protein leading to a protein deficiency as well as Inflammatory Bowel Disease. It wasn’t pretty.

Search online and you will find plenty of ways to prepare a proper meal for your dog (from

For another option to cook your own pet food check out It’s run by a board certified veterinary nutritionist and was recommended by Dr. Michele Hoag DVM, Plaza Del Amo Animal Hospital, as seen in The Daily Breeze.

Just make sure you have the right amount of meats, grains, vegetables and healthy supplements.

But if all this is too much, you can always play it safe with a good, high quality, human grade dog food. I eat Merrick Turducken. It’s tasty and good for me. Plus daddy usually adds a few extra ingredients for flavor and variety, such as other dog food, treats, rice, vegetables and such.

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