Taking your Chihuahua’s picture on the iPhone just got easier.

I'm in a pensive mood.
Lucy in a pensive mood.

PetSnap is a neat little app for the iPhone. What it does is allow you to choose from a variety of sounds to get your pet’s attention before you snap the picture. There are all kinds of animal sounds, from cats in various states (angry, hungry, annoying, spoiled), dogs, birds, zoo animals, miscellaneous sounds like a door bell, knocking, paper tearing, crumbling paper or plastic bottle, squeeze toy or even a Space Lama (really?).

You can also choose from several frames to enhance your photo. They’re okay but not great. Hopefully there will be a better variety with the next update.

So if you want to get your Chi’s attention (or any pet, though I’m not sure it would work with a turtle) without having to take a picture of the back of their head, this is an easy way to go.

It costs only $1.99. I get no commission for this one. Pity.

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