The Importance of Regular Vet Visits

Happy Valentines
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Vets Are Scary Places

I hate going to the vet. I can sense when we’re going and I get extremely nervous. Once there I shake like a phone on vibrate.

Recently I had my yearly checkup. I did not need any vaccinations. I’m only 3 and half years old. But my daddy wanted to have me checked out.

The Leg Incident

When I play I play hard and there was a moment when I hurt my back leg. I yelped like a little girl. Both daddies were a bit panicked. After a few minutes I was okay. But my daddy did discover a growth.

Turns out it was a benign cyst. Something just to be watched.

But I did get my nails done and my tushy squeezed. I feel like a new girl.

This is why I suggest regular vet checkups. It always feels better when you know your Chi is healthy and happy.

Annual Vet Visit Checklist

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