Traveling by Car with Your Chihuahua

Another in a series of “Don’t Leave Me!” Articles

The joys of bringing your Chihuahua on Vacation

Don’t forget your Chihuahua’s favorite toy, pillow and blanket.

My daddies are going on a mini vacation. We’re off to Fresno and I’m going too. Traveling can be stressful for your little Chihuahua, no matter how much we love to be with our human companions.

I enjoy my routines, especially the napping time. I also like to eat at my regular breakfast and dinner times.

I can always tell when a trip is coming. Suitcases appear from nowhere. That’s a big hint. People stuff is gathered and placed on the bed for packing, too.

When I travel I am stuffed into a carrier and seat-belted in for added protection. My carrier used to be roomier when I was smaller. I don’t get it.

My carrier is still pretty cozy and has plenty of screened windows to the world around me. It’s my own little space, which is good because one of my daddy’s brother and sister are going with us.

Things to bring

  • Food and water. Bring plenty of your Chi’s regular food and water.
  • Toys. A few of your little companion’s favorites will make the trip less stressful.
  • Blankets and bed. If possible, bring your Chi’s bed and bedding so they will have a safe place to sleep. Avoid the bedbugs too.
  • Treats. My usual treats are always welcome and better for me than a chicken nugget or french fry. Not that I wouldn’t mind getting a fried treat now and again.
  • Bowls for water and food. Bring your pet’s favorite bowls so they will feel the most comfortable.

Things to do when driving with your Chihuahua

  • Make sure your little Chi is safe and secure. Hanging out the window is dangerous for you and your Chi. Get a carrier or doggie seat and strap in your pet. Preferably in the back seat to avoid air bag issues.
  • Don’t ever leave your Chi alone in a car that is too hot or too cold. Either way, they could die. Yikes!
  • Stop for frequent walks. We Chihuahuas may like to sleep but being in a cozy carrier can be difficult after a few hours. We need exercise too. And a potty break.
  • Food breaks. Sometimes humans get hungry and must stop for food. Many restaurants have outside seating, especially fast food places. Choose one of those because you can take your Chi with you and, again, you never want to leave your Chi in a car that can be too hot or too cold.

Pet-Friendly Motels

There are plenty of pet-friendly motels. Motel 6 is one of our favorites. The trouble with most motels and hotels is that they require you either never leave your pet alone in the room or to “crate” them if you must.

This is for the pet’s safety as well as the cleaning crew. Sometimes we get scared, alone in a strange place and may run out, if given the chance, to find you.

Did you know some senior living communities have spare apartments they rent out by the day. And some of these are pet-friendly? It’s true so check it out.

Leaving your Chihuahua home

If you absolutely can’t take your Chi with you, then leaving them home with a reliable pet sitter is the next best alternative. They will be in their own surroundings and will have company too.

As a last resort, find a highly recommended kennel or boarding place. But keep in mind that most pets hate this. I know I would absolutely hate being alone in a cage, of any sort, while my daddies went off to play without me. If that doesn’t add enough guilt, try whining and sulking.

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