Vote for Lucy’s Blog by Feb. 20th and You Can be a Winner Too!

Vote for Lucy
Cast your vote for AllMyChihuahuas and make Lucy happy.

Lucy the Chihuahua has 48 votes to date. Two more to go and she moves on to the next round. Time is running out. AllMyChihuahuas has been entered in the “ 2010 Dog Blog Award” Contest and she needs at least 2 more votes by the 20th of February to qualify for “Round 2”.

So I am asking all my friends and loyal readers to visit and cast your vote for AllMyChihuahuas. Here is the unique Voting code:


All you have to do is copy and paste the code into the bright yellow box on the home page. You will not be asked to sign up for anything. Only 1 vote allowed per IP address. Vote at home and have your office-mates vote at work.

Winning will help me increase my blog’s readership quite a bit. It will also allow me to give away some freebies from Here’s the details:

  • “Each of the 20 finalists will get the chance to give away free 10-year memberships to our Elite Dog Owner’s Club to 10 readers that they select at their own discretion.
  • The Elite Dog Owner’s Club is our unique online club that helps our members get access to exclusive videos, audio recordings, and articles on different aspects of dog training, and also features exclusive interviews with some of the most famous dog trainers in the world.
  • Membership to the Elite Dog Owner’s Club costs $37 per month. Therefore, a 10 year membership to the Elite Dog Owner’s Club would cost $4,440. You get to give away 10 such memberships to your readers, making this prize worth $44,400.”

I appreciate you taking the time to do this for me.

Thanks in advance.

Lucy and her daddies.

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