What is Up with Chihuahuas and Bones?

Lucy and Bone
That bone is mine! Let me at it.

Hard as it is to believe, your Chihuahua is a dog and dogs love bones. They smell good and we absolutely love to chew them.

I seem to be finding bones wherever I walk lately. Are people throwing their chicken bones out the window?

My daddy won’t let me keep the bones I find and I let him know that I am not happy with him stealing my bones from me. He says genuine animal bones can be dangerous. They chip and can damage your dog’s interior organs. They can also harm your dog’s digestive track.

Sounds dreadful. But still I can’t resist. That’s why daddy recommends a safe rawhide or nylon bone instead. Not as good, but better than nothing, I guess.

The morale of this story is think twice before giving or allowing your dog to have a bone.

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