Why do dogs chase things?

We chase because we can.

And it’s fun. We love to play and chasing is a form of play. Also we like to prey on things that move. It’s our instinct.

I especially like to chase big trucks. FedEx, UPS and garbage trucks are my favorites.

I also love to chase squirrels, cats, birds and other dogs.

But what really gets me going are skateboards and scooters. The sound of the little wheels on the pavement is just too hard to resist. I need to catch that person. I need to win.

In reality, I don’t actually chase these fun things. I’m tethered to my daddy and he won’t let me go. He can be a real drag. He would probably chase them too if he weren’t quite so old.

The dangers of chasing

This could be problematic. Especially if I escape from my daddy, because I probably will run after the skateboarder. Cars also share the street with skateboards. And a squished Chihuahua is not a happy sight.

Please share your happy chasing stories here.

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