Why Does Your Chihuahua Pant

Our Mouth is Our Air Conditioner

For some reason we Chihuahuas (and all dogs) seem to cool ourselves through our mouths. Our skin does not sweat. I’m a lady, after all. And I wear a beautiful fur coat every day.

Sweating through our mouths may seem inefficient, but it’s the best we can do.

Sometimes panting makes us look like we’re smiling and happy. Keep thinking that.

It really means we’re hot and probably bothered.

Plenty of Water is Important

You must keep your Chi hydrated. We need to drink plenty of water, especially in warm weather. Encouraging your Chi to drink may not be easy but it’s worth the effort. In hot weather add an ice cube for enticement.

Some dogs like fancy fountain dishes. I just have a cheap aluminum bowl. It’s shiny. Aluminum is better than other types of bowls since it’s not porous and doesn’t breed germs. You should wash your Chi’s water dish once or twice a day. After all, it’s just sitting there on the floor all day and night. Would you drink out of that?

Use Caution When Exercising in the Heat

Exercise is important for all dogs, including little Chihuahuas. But if the weather is very hot, it’s best to walk your Chi in the early morning or late evening to avoid the hot sun. Keep in mind that our little feet are somewhat naked and are touching the hot sidewalk and asphalt. Ugh.

Do your Chihuahuas pant? Any stories?

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