Why is my Chihuahua licking and biting her feet?

I suffer from this problem too. I find myself constantly licking and chewing on my tiny little Chihuahua feet. I can’t help myself. They itch. And now they are pink and missing hair. What’s a little girl to do? It makes it embarrasssing to be seen in public. Perhaps a few pair of nice shoes should help.

Did you know that most dogs who lick and bit their feet have an allergy. Yes, dogs get allergies too. This can be caused by pollen, grass, weeds, dust mites, dander, prescription drugs, cleaning products, certain food ingredients, even flea remedies.

Canine acral lick dermatitis (ALD), or lick granuloma is a common condition in dogs, caused by obsessive self licking.

I know my foot biting drives my daddies crazy. After seeing two vets the conclusion is that I may have an allergy to wheat gluten. My diet was changed but I still itch. The next step was a prescription of “Dermacool”. It helps relieve the itching temporarily.

Unfortunately to find out root cause of the itchiness would mean a full blood work and skin tests. That may help find the dratted substance. Then allergy shots or medication may be beneficial. No thanks, I say.

For now, we will stick to the Dermacool and hope for the best. I don’t want any shots or medicine. Please.

If you walk your dog outside, my vet also recommend using baby wipes on your dog’s feet when you return home to help prevent the itching.

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