Why It’s Important to Bring Your Chihuahua in for Yearly Checkups

It’s Always Best to be Informed of Your Chihuahua’s Health

Waiting for the doctor at my annual visit.

When my daddy took me out to the car for a ride I thought I was going to see my grandpa. This is something we do regularly.

But alas we went back to that place where they stick me with needles, lock me in a cage and cut me open on occasion.

From my daddy’s point of view, a yearly checkup is important. He say’s it’s to make sure I am healthy and that my teeth, ears and heart are all okay. He also wanted to make sure my kneecaps were completely healed and working fine.

I could have told him that and avoided a $70 visit. I’m not paying for it.

Obesity is bad for dogs too.

Unfortunately the scale was not my friend. It showed me weighing in at 11 pounds. A standard AKC Chihuahua should weigh no more than 6 pounds.

I am not standard. Nor am I AKC. Nobody gave me any papers which is why I was sold cheap. How barbaric is that?!

The thing is, I am larger than the average Chihuahua. Even still, the doctor says I need to lose a few pounds. Being overweight can have a bad effect on my heart and legs.

I hope I do not have to give up all my treats. And those long walks are quite taxing. I prefer napping.

Why the Freak-Out

My daddy asked the doctor why I sometimes stop what I’m doing and run to my bed, hiding under the covers. He says it’s probably because I hear something my daddy doesn’t and it scares me.

I have keen hearing, although sirens do not bother me. I can even hear when a little food drops on the kitchen floor. I’m there in a flash to gobble it up.

Diet or not, I will find and eat anything that falls on the floor. Knowing I have no real physical problems is always good. As I get older it will be even more important.

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