Why Remove the Pin in your Chihuahua’s Kneecap?

Recovering from my knee “procedure”.

Mostly because it has come out of place. I’ve recently recovered from my knee surgery to fix my Luxating Patella. This is a common problem for little dogs like myself, where your kneecap pops out and makes walking difficult. So I had the surgery and everything was fine. It had something to do with fixing the groove so the kneecap stays in place.

Except after a while, the pin that was used in surgery to help keep the kneecap in place came loose. My vet assured me this was not a problem.

Then I started limping and hip-hopping so it became a bit of a problem. The answer was to remove the pin. It was no longer needed and served its purpose. Lucky for me this was a simple outpatient procedure that just required a local anesthetic. In less than 10 minutes the pin was out. I didn’t even require stitches.

Daddy was told not to let me lick the area where the pin was removed. So, of course, the first thing I did when I got home was to lick that area. What? It required my attention. I had to clean it and help it to heal. Don’t even think of putting that ugly cone around my neck.

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