Will my Chihuahua’s baby tooth fall out after a year?

Not likely. I have one left and it’s a sharp fang right in front. And it’s right next to my adult “fang”. My vet says it probably won’t fall out. My daddy tried giving me rawhide to chew on. Tastes good but no luck getting rid of the tooth.

So it looks like surgery is the only answer to getting rid of that tooth. I say forget about it. But that’s just my non-medical opinion. The vet says the tooth is not crowding my mouth so we can let it be. Another vet says if I ever need surgery or have to get my teeth cleaned it should be pulled out then. It could have been pulled when I was spayed but no body thought about it then.

Don’t forget to brush your Chi’s teeth regularly. This prevents plaque and other gruesome diseases. I personally chew on my toothbrush while my daddy moves it about. My daddy uses the Petrodex Dental Care Kit. I love the flavor of the toothpaste. I also enjoy chewing the toothbrush. That’s my personal recommendation. Just saying.

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