Your Pup and The Pandemic: A Guide to Keeping Everyone Safe and Healthy

This year has been the worst for us hoomans. Not for our pets, though. That’s because pandemic restrictions have kept all of us a little closer to home, which means more time for cuddles, snuggles, walkies, and all of the happy things. Heck, they’ve even been busy helping out in the home office! So let’s keep the good times rolling by using the tips and tidbits below to keep all of our dogs healthy, happy, and content through the pandemic and beyond! 

First Thing’s First, Let’s Talk About Health 

Health and safety should always be a big priority for your human and canine family members. During a global health crisis, keeping your family safe becomes even more important. 

  • Only get pandemic updates and guidelines from trusted sources. 
  • The good news? Your dog and most critters are safe from COVID-19.
  • But still, you should limit contact between your pup and other pets/people. 
  • You should only use quality cleaning products that are safe for pets to keep your home virus-free. 

But There are Still Ways to Have Fun With Dogs 

Okay, so you may not be able to get together with your dog’s BFFFLs (best fur friends for life) at your local dog park. But there are still plenty of safe and exciting ways to stay active! 

  • All dogs need activity to stay healthy. How much depends on age, size, etc. 
  • Keep your distance from other people and pets when you do get out for walks. 
  • Need a cheer up with a cute new collar? Use Petsmart coupons to save money. 
  • Love your chihuahua? Show it
  • Prefer to play at home? Before you hit the backyard, make sure it’s safe

New Dog Owners May Find These Links Helpful 

Did you get a new dog during the pandemic? Congratulations! You’ve just made self-isolation less, well, isolating. But you may want to keep these resources handy in case you need them: 

  • Want to learn more about your new Chihuahua? All My Chihuahuas is packed with tips! 
  • If you adopted a rescued dog, keep the 3-3-3 rule in mind: 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months. 
  • All pet parents may find it helpful to have a list of indoor activities to burn off energy. 
  • The ASPCA’s poison control hotline is another must-have resource for new pawrents. 
  • By the way, vet visits may take longer during the pandemic, so plan accordingly. 

Hopefully, the resources in this guide have helped put some of your pandemic worries to rest. For even more information on keeping your dog happy and healthy, whether you have a chihuahua or not, be sure to check out the All My Chihuahuas blog.

Photo Credit: Unsplash