10 Tips on Feeding Your Finicky Chihuahua

We Chihuahuas are no different from other “dogs” or even children. We like to eat treats, not necessarily what’s good for us.

The trick is to not get us used to anything other than our regular, quality dog foods. If given a choice, most discriminating Chihuahuas will choose humanoid food.

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Here’s my 10 tips on feeding your finicky Chihuahua

  1. Feed only premium, human grade dog food. I eat Merrick’s Turduckin. Yumm.
  2. Feed at consistent times. As an adult Chi I get breakfast and dinner.
  3. Feed your Chi when you eat. When we all eat together there will be less reason for your Chi to beg for your food. We may even think we’re eating the same thing you are.
  4. Avoid giving your Chi scraps from the table. This only encourages us to not eat our food and wait for yours.
  5. If you must give table scraps, give very little and mix it in with your Chi’s food. Keep in mind that doing this will cause your Chi to expect it every time and may increase finickiness.
  6. Mix premium dry food with premium canned food. This makes for a tasty meal.
  7. Always have water nearby to cleanse the palate. Encourage your Chi to drink lots of water.
  8. Never give chocolate cake for desert. Chocolate is toxic.
  9. Best not to give any desert. Reserve quality dog treats for good behaviors.
  10. It’s okay to give a few treats now and then. Especially when you are training your little Chi. Make sure the treats are healthy and dog-friendly.

For more information read How to Encourage Your Picky Dog to Eat.

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