5 Easy Ways to Give your Chihuahua Medication

Anticipating my medicine.

This actually applies to all dogs but since I am a Chihuahua I tend to be self-centered. Medicine is not tasty. Therefore, trying to give your Chi a pill is going to be a problem, unless, of course, your Chihuahua (or dog) loves pills.

So the trick is to hide the pill in something your pet loves. Here are some great ideas I recommend.

  1. Peanut Butter (just enough to disguise the pill, not half a jar)
  2. A piece of meat (chicken or turkey). Make sure the pill doesn’t fall out.
  3. Cheese. Not too much, just enough to hide the pill so it isn’t visible. If it’s too big your dog may decide to chew the cheese and potentially spit out the pill.
  4. Mashed potatoes (or a bit of unmashed potato). Make sure it’s cooked.
  5. Canned dog food. If your dog is picky this might not work.

Liquid medicine is also a challenge. I absolutely hate having a dropper full of yucky medicine forced into my mouth. So I bite. Daddy tried gloves. I fought back. Two daddies tried holding me and opening my mouth at the same time. I won.

Then came a brilliant idea. Hide the liquid medicine in ice cream. Just a bit of lactose free vanilla. I loved this. Now I look forward to my medicine every day. Ice cream is probably not the best choice for your dog, but it works great. You might want to consider vanilla yogurt or natural apple sauce.

So don’t get stressed over giving your Chi medication. Make it a game of hide and go treat.

1 thought on “5 Easy Ways to Give your Chihuahua Medication”

  1. Thanks for the applesauce idea!! My feisty 13 yr old is resistant to her oral medication but she does love apple sauce

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