5 Reasons Why You Should Brush Your Dog’s Teeth Regularly.

Dental Lucy
Regular Brushing is Very Important to Lucy.

Just because I’m a little Chihuahua with little teeth doesn’t mean I don’t need to keep up with proper dental hygiene. Not brushing can cause lots of periodontal diseases that can shorten your pet’s life. As it is our, time on earth is limited so why shorten it by dental neglect.

Here’s why I think you should brush your Chi’s teeth:

  1. Regular brushing prevents plaque buildup.
  2. It’s cheaper to brush than pay for tooth extractions or cleanings.
  3. Having your dog’s teeth cleaned by your vet means putting your baby under anesthetic. Scary and expensive.
  4. Your dog will live longer and be healthier.
  5. Cleaner and fresher breath is most welcome.

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To be honest, I don’t really brush my teeth so much as I chew on the bristles while my daddy moves the toothbrush around. It has the same effect but is less clinical sounding. And chewing a toothbrush is so much more fun. Especially one with a beef flavored toothpaste. I love beef-flavored Petrodex toothpaste. My daddy tried another brand but I rejected it quickly.

Please remember to replace your toothbrush every six months. And don’t forget the gums. Germs can collect and they’re oogie. You might try some crunchy dental treats, too.

Update 2/4/11: I seem to have outgrown my toothbrush chewing faze. Guess daddy will have to give me teeth cleaning treats until I decide to let him actually brush my teeth again.

Update 7/3/11: After a few months my daddy started giving me the old toothbrush with tasty beef-flavored toothpaste again. I decided to try chewing the bristles and enjoyed it. It’s not the best way to do tooth brushing but it’s better than nothing.

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Brush Your Dog’s Teeth Regularly.”

  1. Great tip on brushing a dog’s teeth. They absolutely need this if eating processed dog food. Dogs can get very ill and even die from bad teeth. Brushing makes them easier to handle and more trusting too.


  2. Thank you. Now the next hurdle will be nail clipping. The Gentle Paws Grinder is all ready for action.

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