Bathing your Chihuahua can be Fun

My daddy forget to take a picture of me bathing so this will have to do.

I disagree. I just had a bath today and it was certainly not fun. One daddy held me in the bathtub, which had a couple of inches of warm water in it, while my other daddy poured a bucket of warm water all over me. Then he rubbed me down with puppy shampoo from Target. He got into all my crevices and unmentionable places. Then he wiped me all over with a wash cloth.

The final step was a rinse or two with a bucket of warm water and then a romp around the bathroom while my two daddies dried me off with a huge towel. The final step was an application of Advantage Flea Medication and now I’m all set.

True I smell clean and pretty but I’m sure glad it’s over.

It is recommended that you bathe your Chihuahua monthly. And don’t get water in your Chihuahua’s ears as it could lead to an infection. A lot of Chihuahua’s ears stand up so this could be troublesome. Mine do not, most of the time. Guess I’m lucky, huh.

Ear infections are not fun. I understand the Chihuahua before me had a few infections and drops had to be put in her ears. Plus the drops had to be refrigerated. Can you image someone putting cold drops in your ears. This could cause grumpiness.

2 thoughts on “Bathing your Chihuahua can be Fun”

  1. Oh, Lucy, I’m so glad your ordeal is over. You look so pretty. Your daddies must love you a lot to do that for you. Look at the bright side – you are now GORGEOUS!
    Auntie Evie

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