Does Your Chihuahua Get Stressed?

Lucy at Hydrant
Checking out hydrants relieves my stress.

Lots of things can stress your Chihuahua.

We take our cue from our human companions as well as the environment. We Chihuahuas are very intuitive and we know when something is up with our parents. Also stressful situations like thunderstorms, fireworks, sirens, strangers at the door, strange company, noisy children, people putting their hands in front of our faces, being left alone, arguing parents, any change in our routines. Ay, the list goes on.

Because Chihuahuas tend to be nervous types, a little bit of stress can cause unwanted behavior. Don’t ask.

There’s a great article called “Our Stress, Depression, Joy…Can Dogs Tell” by Dr. Nicholas Dodman. Dogs really know when something is wrong and whether they should hide or attack. I have lots of hiding places and know just where to go where I can’t be caught.

Depending on our personality, we can either act out in an aggressive or annoying way or just take to our beds and nap. Nice soothing classical music helps us relax. Just make sure it’s not the 1812 Overture.

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Music My Pet is one of several CDs made especially to help your dog relax. It makes a perfect gift for that hyper dog, and their human caretakers.

6 thoughts on “Does Your Chihuahua Get Stressed?”

  1. Question? Took my Chihuahua, she’s six, with me out of town after having to repeatedly leave her at home before. She would not eat or hardly drink the whole time. She kept her tail tucked, head down, would not hardly even come to me. Totally stressed? Got home yesterday and she is still acting the same way. Could someone have hurt her causing such stress…PTSD? She was alone a lot there. Tried to make over her but she wouldn’t relax or really accept the affection. My friends would never (I would hope not) harm her…she is so timid and sweet. She’s always been by my side, always, and now she is very distant. Please tell me this is temporary.
    “Sophi’s” momma, Vicki

  2. I hope Sophi is feeling better. I’m not an expert, but it could be the stress of being left alone or traveling or both. All dogs, including Chihuahuas, love having company and sticking to a schedule. Being alone and having their routine changed can cause a change in their behavior.

    If your Chihuahua is still acting strange, I would take her to the vet to make sure there is nothing physically wrong. Better to be safe than sorry.

    Anyone else with a similar problem or advice?

  3. I was wondering if anyone could answer my question. We have a chihuahua and i believe he is stressed very badly, my dad likes to grab bear’s head until he yelps, continuing to play with him like this and he also puts bear between his legs making him not be able to get away and smacks his hands not hitting the dog but scaring him so badly he starts wineing and yelping and sometimes pee’s on himself. So my question is can this change bears behavior because every day when i get home from school and my parents get home from work we find that bear has torn up his pee pee pads and he gets wipped with a fly swatter by my dad everyday because of this. And when my dad hits bear he pees himself so my dad hits him harder and puts him in his cage for about an hour. So I’m trying to figure out if i can do anything to change this. Please email me at for answers. Thank you!

  4. I don’t believe any dog should be hit, but especially a little Chihuahua. Try and find an adult relative or teacher to talk to about this dog abuse before your little Chi is seriously hurt.

  5. I have a chihuahua, jack Russell mix, she’s only about 4. We also have her little child, which is about 2 and a half now. My mix has been throwing up clear and having bathroom accidents, almost diarrhea. She’s was whimpering but she’s stopped that. We recently moved states and now we’re staying with family. I was thinking stress, but my other little girl is fine. Any opinions?

  6. I’m not a vet. It could be something she ate, but it could also be stress related. All dogs behave differently to stressful situations. Maybe a visit with your vet could help alleviate any concerns.

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